mm to gongfen (Chinese) Conversion

How to Convert Millimeters into Millimeters? Length Conversion Millimeters to gongfen (Chinese). mm to gongfen (Chinese) Converter. Millimeters to gongfen (Chinese) Conversion Table.

mm to gongfen (Chinese)gongfen (Chinese) to mm
Please enter the number of Millimeters, and then click Convert

How to convert Millimeters to gongfen (Chinese) ?

Millimeters = gongfen (Chinese) × 0.1

Example: Convert 5 Millimeters to gongfen (Chinese)

5 Millimeters × 0.1 = 0.5 gongfen (Chinese)

Millimeters (mm) to gongfen (Chinese) Conversion Table

Millimetersgongfen (Chinese)
1 mm0.1 gongfen (Chinese)
2 mm0.2 gongfen (Chinese)
3 mm0.3 gongfen (Chinese)
4 mm0.4 gongfen (Chinese)
5 mm0.5 gongfen (Chinese)
6 mm0.6 gongfen (Chinese)
7 mm0.7 gongfen (Chinese)
8 mm0.8 gongfen (Chinese)
9 mm0.9 gongfen (Chinese)
10 mm1 gongfen (Chinese)
11 mm1.1 gongfen (Chinese)
12 mm1.2 gongfen (Chinese)
13 mm1.3 gongfen (Chinese)
14 mm1.4 gongfen (Chinese)
15 mm1.5 gongfen (Chinese)
16 mm1.6 gongfen (Chinese)
17 mm1.7 gongfen (Chinese)
18 mm1.8 gongfen (Chinese)
19 mm1.9 gongfen (Chinese)
20 mm2 gongfen (Chinese)
Millimetersgongfen (Chinese)
25 mm2.5 gongfen (Chinese)
30 mm3 gongfen (Chinese)
35 mm3.5 gongfen (Chinese)
40 mm4 gongfen (Chinese)
45 mm4.5 gongfen (Chinese)
50 mm5 gongfen (Chinese)
55 mm5.5 gongfen (Chinese)
60 mm6 gongfen (Chinese)
65 mm6.5 gongfen (Chinese)
70 mm7 gongfen (Chinese)
75 mm7.5 gongfen (Chinese)
80 mm8 gongfen (Chinese)
85 mm8.5 gongfen (Chinese)
90 mm9 gongfen (Chinese)
95 mm9.5 gongfen (Chinese)
100 mm10 gongfen (Chinese)
200 mm20 gongfen (Chinese)
250 mm25 gongfen (Chinese)
500 mm50 gongfen (Chinese)
1000 mm100 gongfen (Chinese)

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