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Inches to chi (Chinese)chi (Chinese) to Inches
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How to convert Inches to chi (Chinese) ?

Inches = chi (Chinese) × 0.0762

Example: Convert 5 Inches to chi (Chinese)

5 Inches × 0.0762 = 0.381 chi (Chinese)

Inches to chi (Chinese) Conversion Table

Incheschi (Chinese)
1 Inches0.0762 chi (Chinese)
2 Inches0.1524 chi (Chinese)
3 Inches0.2286 chi (Chinese)
4 Inches0.3048 chi (Chinese)
5 Inches0.381 chi (Chinese)
6 Inches0.4572 chi (Chinese)
7 Inches0.5334 chi (Chinese)
8 Inches0.6096 chi (Chinese)
9 Inches0.6858 chi (Chinese)
10 Inches0.762 chi (Chinese)
11 Inches0.8382 chi (Chinese)
12 Inches0.9144 chi (Chinese)
13 Inches0.9906 chi (Chinese)
14 Inches1.0668 chi (Chinese)
15 Inches1.143 chi (Chinese)
16 Inches1.2192 chi (Chinese)
17 Inches1.2954 chi (Chinese)
18 Inches1.3716 chi (Chinese)
19 Inches1.4478 chi (Chinese)
20 Inches1.524 chi (Chinese)
Incheschi (Chinese)
25 Inches1.905 chi (Chinese)
30 Inches2.286 chi (Chinese)
35 Inches2.667 chi (Chinese)
40 Inches3.048 chi (Chinese)
45 Inches3.429 chi (Chinese)
50 Inches3.81 chi (Chinese)
55 Inches4.191 chi (Chinese)
60 Inches4.572 chi (Chinese)
65 Inches4.953 chi (Chinese)
70 Inches5.334 chi (Chinese)
75 Inches5.715 chi (Chinese)
80 Inches6.096 chi (Chinese)
85 Inches6.477 chi (Chinese)
90 Inches6.858 chi (Chinese)
95 Inches7.239 chi (Chinese)
100 Inches7.62 chi (Chinese)
200 Inches15.24 chi (Chinese)
250 Inches19.05 chi (Chinese)
500 Inches38.1 chi (Chinese)
1000 Inches76.2 chi (Chinese)

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