Feet to chi (Chinese) Conversion

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Feet to chi (Chinese)chi (Chinese) to Feet
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How to convert Feet to chi (Chinese) ?

Feet = chi (Chinese) × 0.9144

Example: Convert 5 Feet to chi (Chinese)

5 Feet × 0.9144 = 4.572 chi (Chinese)

Feet to chi (Chinese) Conversion Table

Feetchi (Chinese)
1 Feet0.9144 chi (Chinese)
2 Feet1.8288 chi (Chinese)
3 Feet2.7432 chi (Chinese)
4 Feet3.6576 chi (Chinese)
5 Feet4.572 chi (Chinese)
6 Feet5.4864 chi (Chinese)
7 Feet6.4008 chi (Chinese)
8 Feet7.3152 chi (Chinese)
9 Feet8.2296 chi (Chinese)
10 Feet9.144 chi (Chinese)
11 Feet10.0584 chi (Chinese)
12 Feet10.9728 chi (Chinese)
13 Feet11.8872 chi (Chinese)
14 Feet12.8016 chi (Chinese)
15 Feet13.716 chi (Chinese)
16 Feet14.6304 chi (Chinese)
17 Feet15.5448 chi (Chinese)
18 Feet16.4592 chi (Chinese)
19 Feet17.3736 chi (Chinese)
20 Feet18.288 chi (Chinese)
Feetchi (Chinese)
25 Feet22.86 chi (Chinese)
30 Feet27.432 chi (Chinese)
35 Feet32.004 chi (Chinese)
40 Feet36.576 chi (Chinese)
45 Feet41.148 chi (Chinese)
50 Feet45.72 chi (Chinese)
55 Feet50.292 chi (Chinese)
60 Feet54.864 chi (Chinese)
65 Feet59.436 chi (Chinese)
70 Feet64.008 chi (Chinese)
75 Feet68.58 chi (Chinese)
80 Feet73.152 chi (Chinese)
85 Feet77.724 chi (Chinese)
90 Feet82.296 chi (Chinese)
95 Feet86.868 chi (Chinese)
100 Feet91.44 chi (Chinese)
200 Feet182.88 chi (Chinese)
250 Feet228.6 chi (Chinese)
500 Feet457.2 chi (Chinese)
1000 Feet914.4 chi (Chinese)

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