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How to Convert Centimeters into Centimeters? Length Conversion Centimeters to cun (Chinese). cm to cun (Chinese) Converter. Centimeters to cun (Chinese) Conversion Table.

cm to cun (Chinese)cun (Chinese) to cm
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How to convert Centimeters to cun (Chinese) ?

Centimeters = cun (Chinese) × 0.3

Example: Convert 5 Centimeters to cun (Chinese)

5 Centimeters × 0.3 = 1.5 cun (Chinese)

Centimeters (cm) to cun (Chinese) Conversion Table

Centimeterscun (Chinese)
1 cm0.3 cun (Chinese)
2 cm0.6 cun (Chinese)
3 cm0.9 cun (Chinese)
4 cm1.2 cun (Chinese)
5 cm1.5 cun (Chinese)
6 cm1.8 cun (Chinese)
7 cm2.1 cun (Chinese)
8 cm2.4 cun (Chinese)
9 cm2.7 cun (Chinese)
10 cm3 cun (Chinese)
11 cm3.3 cun (Chinese)
12 cm3.6 cun (Chinese)
13 cm3.9 cun (Chinese)
14 cm4.2 cun (Chinese)
15 cm4.5 cun (Chinese)
16 cm4.8 cun (Chinese)
17 cm5.1 cun (Chinese)
18 cm5.4 cun (Chinese)
19 cm5.7 cun (Chinese)
20 cm6 cun (Chinese)
Centimeterscun (Chinese)
25 cm7.5 cun (Chinese)
30 cm9 cun (Chinese)
35 cm10.5 cun (Chinese)
40 cm12 cun (Chinese)
45 cm13.5 cun (Chinese)
50 cm15 cun (Chinese)
55 cm16.5 cun (Chinese)
60 cm18 cun (Chinese)
65 cm19.5 cun (Chinese)
70 cm21 cun (Chinese)
75 cm22.5 cun (Chinese)
80 cm24 cun (Chinese)
85 cm25.5 cun (Chinese)
90 cm27 cun (Chinese)
95 cm28.5 cun (Chinese)
100 cm30 cun (Chinese)
200 cm60 cun (Chinese)
250 cm75 cun (Chinese)
500 cm150 cun (Chinese)
1000 cm300 cun (Chinese)

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